Pet Show Craze

Pet Show Craze

One would say that all is lie lined up. One anima after another. Look after them with love. Fulfil all their wishes and take the reward and buy new equipment into your studio.
You own a studio which can cut all the different types of animals, you can wash them, feed them, massage them too. All depends up to the wishes of the owners. At first, seat them into the waiting room and let them choose from the offer. When a symbol appears over their heads start working. Take an animal, deliver it where it’s necessary and let the employees do their job. Enjoy the shopping, cutting, drying activities and take the money. For earned gold you can buy new equipment or hire another employee. The main hero can be improved as well. You can buy new dresses or upgrade her skills. If your client isn’t happy make him a drink he likes.

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Pet Show Craze Pet Show Craze Pet Show Craze Pet Show Craze Pet Show Craze

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