Are you fascinating by undersea life? If you say me now "yes" then welcome to the game called WinDepth. It has abilitiy to catch the player and let him play and play and play... People who are afflicted by Hydrophoby do not come!

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WinDepth Player | 03.07.13 am31 07:31

I loved this game years ago. But when i played it now, i feel it's out of date, and i'm looking for an iphone version. Lucky i found Depth Basara, it's a evolution remix of the WinDepth on iPhone/iPad, it's really cool that there're 6 battle ship with special skills. here's the app store link, in case you like it. it's a bit hard and not easy to control when begin, but i think you'll have big fun after get familiar.


WinDepth WinDepth

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