Beaned Game

Beaned Game

Do you want to play some game for abreaction? Then try the game of today, where a group of three scouts and must defend themselves against hordes of aliens. Those who win dodge-ball can stay. Are you going to win or the aliens? Simple and swift thing where you can try your speed and acumen. The camp is attacked by aliens and it is up to win the game between them. You control group of three scouts and you fight against three aliens too. You have to aim and by clicking shoot balls into them. Good is to jump in the right moment and avoid being hit by the enemies. If you wing you go into another round. There is the difficulty higher and it is ton going to be so easy to hit the opponent. You need to find the rhytm or to wait for the right moment for a shot and after you find this you are going to be the winner for sure. The game is short and quiet easy. The game is good for kids too.

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Beaned Game Beaned Game Beaned Game

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