Billiard Art

Billiard Art

As a lover of the green table, blue chalk and cues you can not miss any game from that environment . Today's offers a combination of many kinds of games and experimental style tables. Is it worth trying? Absolutely.
The game has no story, no legend or mythos, which would give the game more polish. Simply pick up the cue, select a game ( from the classic eight to the snooker) and go for it. Opponent, you can also choose. There is also a variety of difficulty, training or hotseat (two players on one computer). The rules are pretty clear, but in some moments I was scratching head, on which pubs have this, but you can get used to it quickly. Bothered me a little bit more of a pool rules for snooker, but you can not want everything. Physics is great, the balls is bump if you play too forcefully, screen seemed slow a bit, but this it is again a subjective opinion. What I did not swallow, the holes in the side pockets, which often had the ball fall, but the game saw it differently. As for the opponents, they can be nasty and at the highest difficulty really does not pay mistakes. Graphics is great, as well as music and if you add interesting tables, so we have a really good game.

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Billiard Art Billiard Art Billiard Art

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