Nitronic Rush

Nitronic Rush

What a great jewel! After I have played the game KITT from Knight Rider can go home. This car jumps, shows tricks and flies. This game is about a bit different races which are hugely entertaining.
Neon cars in good looking neon world won’t be racing on a racing circuit but it looks more like track filled with obstacles. Mostly, you won’t be racing but flying and gliding in the air. You control a vehicle and with it you drive through, avoid or fly over obstacles. The flying can save you from mistakes but you should have good perception and reflexes. The tempo is really quick and rapid. Thanks all these things you won’t feel a bit linear but there are moments where you choose the next path.
Enjoy the story mode which unlock new vehicle in the end and more levels for expert players.

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Twister | 15.11.11 am30 01:45

There is a problem with the downlaod link - direct download here:


Nitronic Rush Nitronic Rush Nitronic Rush Nitronic Rush Nitronic Rush Nitronic Rush

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