Ping Pong

Ping Pong

Now raise a hand, who likes games, which you can play together on one computer. If your answer is positive, you will like Ping Pong. It offers game against AI and multi-player too. There is also training mode and scalable difficulty.
Its look brings out eight-bits nostalgia, so pixel lovers rejoice. It is quite similar to Arcade Volleyball. Anyway it is still fun-to-play game for the others as well.
It is almost an year ago, when I wrote last review for off-line non-flash game. And maybe it would stay so forever, if I have not met Ping Pong, which, as the name suggest is not about chess playing. It is computer adaptation of popular table tennis. It has been played by many in real, but just a few have enjoyed it on PC.
Because I love sport games played on one computer together with other people, I have decided to present you with this, so you can try it. It is designed in eight-bit style era. Everything is grainy as hell. You look side-wise on characters, who play over the ping pong table. You can play against your friend on one computer as I already mentioned and or AI.
The game mechanic is quite simple. You just have to push button at the right time to hit the ball. Otherwise you loose a point. In training mode you can drill technique against training robot, where you have to return the balls according to instructions. If you seek some way out of boredom, you have to definitely try this game. With friends together it is even better. So get on with it.

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Ping Pong Ping Pong Ping Pong

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