Super Motocross Africa

Super Motocross Africa

Dust dance in Africa with your motocross bike. Be super fast, or collect stars. Strap in and become a champion.
This game is very similar to The My Play City game principle. Only theme is different. You can choose from two basic modes. A time trial, where you must reach at least a bronze trophy in a set time limit. The stars gathering, where you must collect a set number to get a trophy. Don't stand about, you must ride quickly and effectively. A physics implementation is ready, however in a much arcade way, so the bike jumps and flies around wildly almost like a bird. For extraordinary acrobatics you get nitrogen and if you go for gold use it. When you get enough trophies, you can unlock better bikes. Nice riding for competitive players and by the way more screen-shots are available at The My Play City web.

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Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald


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Super Motocross Africa Super Motocross Africa Super Motocross Africa

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Old classic of my childhood, it's a bit unknow game but still brought me som good ol' memories.
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best game you fags
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esse jogo ele e muito da hora
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