An excellent strategy game, that makes you experience a world of bugs. At one side stand good bugs, that is you and at the other side there are bad bugs, your mortal enemies. Can you rescue fellow bugs, expand your territory, infiltrate enemy nest and lead a battle?
The game is divided into missions, they are quite long, but don't worry, it is fun. On a game plan you can see your and opponent's nest. The task of missions is important. When in battle, enemy bugs try to conquer your nest. If rescue, you must get across enemy defenses. There are multiple bug types available. Gatherer ants bring food in a form of glittering spheres, which is needed to produce soldiers. Harvest flowers using bees. Boost ants to gather food extremely quickly. Ants aren't suitable for battle. The game is very variable and offers multiple themes, new bug species and combat styles.

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