Cabals - the Card Game

Cabals - the Card Game

I’m slowly getting hooked on card games. I have never really liked it but in electronic form… that’s really something different. Another piece, less difficult, is Cabals - the Card Game with its own world.
I met with Cabals only few days ago and it was amazing thanks its simplicity where you understand the rules very quickly and you don’t have to remember hundreds of cards. However, there is a registration needed if you want to gain experience and join the on-line battles. But the on-line brawls are the best. The main characters belong into five types and groups but if you aren’t into the Cabals universe then the choice isn’t important. The cards look great and are well described. The goals are collect needed number of domination points or crush your enemy. If you want to try some easy card game then you should try this one.

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Cabals - the Card Game Cabals - the Card Game Cabals - the Card Game Cabals - the Card Game

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