Empire of the Galaldur

Empire of the Galaldur

This game can be described only one way. First, great enthusiasm, because it's my favorite style of strategy, then identifying that it probably will not be so great, and finally a big bucket stereotype. Oh, it's not so bad, but it's pretty awful.

This is actually a classic building in your kingdom. Build units, after the conquest of the neighbor kingdom. Then build there, also units and this is still around. It does not sound bad at all, and at first that's not bad. Just look into what is needed in order to put this, what materials you need for that, and behold, these units must have a stable and blacksmith shop, etc. The first difficulties came in the fact that if you build something, it swallows a worker and what is worse in your Kingdom is the only one servant, and you can not build a block of buildings, so if you have not conquered another kingdom, where you can still do something. Upgrades and construction time will take a huge portion of game time, and most significantly, even at speed. The training of units also takes time and usually when you think you have a really strong army, so your opponent snaps tremendous odds. You exercise actually classic medieval units then you put in the formations, just from a guy with a sword after shining knight. The fights are really good, and you can pretty well have to go in every decent tactics. Once you seize the opponent's kingdom, where you can build here and it really starts strong stereotype. Just visit from one kingdom to another and still doing and still the same. Yet its the first half-hour to an hour, pretty good game.

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Empire of the Galaldur Empire of the Galaldur Empire of the Galaldur

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