Final Core

Final Core

Are you a hardcore RTS fan, do you like space and space combat? If it is at least one positive response, read on and download. Today we offer you the game, which, although made in the Game Maker, but its content is right unique.

If you look at the screens, then surely you guess the style of play. The game is done in the Game Maker and therefore does not offer entirely dazzling graphics. The main thing is really hardcore content. You build ships, whether offensive, defensive or supportive. Before each mission, you can fit other gear, buy new components and parts and put them together. The number of combinations is so large in extent and volume of nearly infinity, and you rarely happen to encounter any combination twice, besides your favorite. The number of missions in the campaign is 16, awaits you a tremendous amount of enemies, bosses and a few surprises. If any part posses a problem, you can train and invent new approaches in training mode and try free-play mode also. Regarding raw materials, it is money and so-called flux. In the game is still a secondary source, the energy and that is mainly for ships. Controls are intuitive, but at first complexities choke the game-play, so it will take a while to get used which is what and how that works. Absolutely fantastic piece.

And finally a couple of numbers - 120 different parts of the ship, 100 achievements, vs. 50 battle. 50, building bases with a combination of 9 different buildings, five hours of guaranteed gameplay.

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Final Core Final Core Final Core

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