Fix-It-Up: World Tour

Fix-It-Up: World Tour

Kate and her friends are back. The home business is behind and it’s time to spread the garages into the whole world. She meets a lot of new people and gets many ideas.
Fix-it-up is very popular thanks the catchy content where you buy, repair, rent and sell many cars. This and more has been made better in World tour. The basic activity is the same but the building you use can be upgraded more and a factor of “clean cars” is here too. Missions, more than many, take place all over the world and you can enjoy very good story. There are many different types of cars and they change according the continent you play. The graphics and design has been improved as well and it changes too during the game. Enjoy bonus levels and balanced difficulty.

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Fix-It-Up: World Tour Fix-It-Up: World Tour Fix-It-Up: World Tour Fix-It-Up: World Tour

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