Garden Defense

Garden Defense

Everyone knows that growing a garden is not easy and your loved flowers and vegetables, many invaders lurking in the form of worms, and flies, snails, slugs, etc. Arrange your defenses so as to not touch the garden by pests anymore.

On the screen you will see a path that winds generally different. On the right side of the screen you can choose from defenders. Will a dwarf, flamingos or even peeing angels. From the foxglove flower, sunflower and Opuntia. Each defender has a way to eliminate pests. Soon you will see which works best for you. In addition, during the game you can keep your guard upgraded and get so much more power. Upgrading mechanical toy is more expensive than flowers. When the plant reaches higher levels, it may happen that multiply. Once you see the rhizome, quickly click on it and pull. You get a new defender completely free, which is always useful. Over levels pests will choose different paths and it happens that a kind walking one, while another second path. It is therefore necessary to count all the variations. Money is never enough, and unfortunately there's doubly true. In addition, you gain total eradicated pests to be added at the end of the wave, so during the wave it can not sit next to path the new guard. Each level consists of about twenty waves, and in each level is at least one boss. Your garden has a life line, which is beginning green. If a pest gets into it, starts from the top to change to red. If the colors completely, you lose a level and you can try again.

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Garden Defense Garden Defense Garden Defense Garden Defense Garden Defense

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