Have you ever chess in space? Well it's not quite chess, but style of this game reminds perfectly normal chess. From first glance it is clear that we expect something fresh and new.
The story of this game does not possess, but it does not matter, since it is especially about something completely different. Imagine the universe as a board, just remove the white fields and leave only black, asteroids, and add an element that naturally ships can fire at a longer distance. Regarding the motion, so they resemble a piece of chessboards. One ship type can only advance of, next to L, one type gives the impression of shooter and your flagship may move only one field in all directions. Great idea in the form of a rotation of the ship, since they can not reverse, so you can rotate in different ways, where it is needed. Element of asteroids brings into play very good option because you will find a variety of bonuses. For example, increasing shields, hull repair, etc. You can get started fast game, but I liked the most opportunity to create your own maps and often you will really create a spectacular battle. Attention it is a game for two players only.

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