The ancient Romans are known for their superior culture, we are still learning about it. Visit a few dozen centuries ago and set a world that bears the architecture of ancient Rome. Amphitheatre, the beautiful gardens, spa, all you'll get. Enjoy the beautiful graphics and nice music.

Fill the tasks that you the game offers, and build your own town. It is important to respect the requirements of each level. You can choose from several types of houses. The larger houses, the greater the number of residences. It is often necessary to make people feel good, it will reflect the sunshine over every building. Happiness depends on what buildings are located around the residence. Some lucky reduced, others. In addition to residential houses can be built (and often have to build), bath, bazaar, temple, forum, and many others. Some of them are covered by the license, which is needs in advance purchased. They are expensive, and therefore is at the discretion of each player, whether it takes at the beginning of the level or in the course. The more houses you have, the faster you will accrue funds. Raw materials are then two types - stone and wood. And can be purchased only when running out a certain amount of money. In addition to building you face demolition, cutting wood, cleaning the ruins, etc. The game is quite extensive, and I like its graphics and sound and atmosphere. Each level is something new and engaging. The levels are increasingly difficult. The biggest problem, while often fun to satisfy a number of people, which the game will give as challenge. It does depend on the arrangement of buildings, which often is not usually so simple.

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