Townopolis Gold

Townopolis Gold

If you are a people who like to build, modernize or even undo, then you have the correct address. This pun will indulge in all the activities mentioned. Deploy effective tactics and complete the tasks that you get by characters of Townpolis Gold.

Townpolis Gold revolves constantly around the building. Getting the smallest and proceed further. You will be guided by a variety of licenses, purchase of materials and of course hiring workers. At the top of the screen, you have all of them. Initially, it is possible to build up already vacated areas, then you have to find your own place, namely the first cut down forests, to clear from the plain of dilapidated and unused buildings, etc. Each more advanced house , such as a supermarket or post office building requires a license. They are relatively expensive and the best you earn by initially building a lot of housings. Each of them can add a star. The more stars, more money. Smilies the yellow marks people are satisfied with that place, red discontent. Dissatisfaction can be reversed by adding to the buildings in the vicinity. However, this will soon become clear to you alone. A freak is extremely well designed, it puts a reasonable targets, so levels are proportionally long.

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Townopolis Gold Townopolis Gold Townopolis Gold Townopolis Gold Townopolis Gold

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