Unknown Horizonts

Unknown Horizonts

A remake of famous strategy game The Anno 1602 is coming. It's a surprise of the month. Does it meet expectations and is it fun play? Let's find out.
Those of you, who know original game don't have to read more and you may instantly play. Others read on to understand why this game is such a gem. It is a classic strategy game with a strong focus on building and management. It takes place in a new age era, when colonization and exploration of the world is in full swing. You embark on a journey of adventure with your sail. When you establish a first colony, then you start to gather precious resources and manage living for your people. They crave a lot of things to be content, so you must focus on constant fulfillment of their desires, because you need to collect fat taxes to finance all your endeavors. As time goes by, demand for new and unusual things is steep. Your colony grows and it is a management nightmare. There are also armed conflicts possible, however I recommend, that you avoid it, simply because it is not a real win for any side. A drawback, that plagues this game are constant crashes to desktop ( CTD ) and many gamers reported, they were unable to start the game.

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Unknown Horizonts Unknown Horizonts Unknown Horizonts Unknown Horizonts

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