Wargame Project

Wargame Project

Do you like Battle for Wesnoth for example, or Heroes of Might & Magic? If yes then here you have the real master-piece of freeware. Prepare for lots of strategic thinking, duels, battles, and a large variety of creatures and monsters.
At the beginning, you can decide if you have one of the three campaigns, or try free play, which is sprinkled with a hot-seat. The first step will probably be directed to the campaign, which you choose is up to you, but you always play for good guys. Campaigns and their story is rather a combination of strategy, adventure and a hint of RPG elements. Different stories joint with different tasks and is up to you how successful you are. It is really an absolute turn-based strategy and combat only runs by real-time, unfortunately you can not interfere. Units are a lot and crawl all the skills and stats will take a little time, but mostly the right combination of all species in one army works best. As for free games you can choose whether you want to play as humans, dwarves or dark side. I'm most pleased, however, very great detail and approach to realism. Units can be hungry and it is very affecting in the fight. Archers run out of arrows, and therefore are set to fight man against man. After the fight the winner can turn corpses. Units gain experience and light over time can become better armed squad and many other improvements. The game suffers a little unfinished, as it is a game in the style of Wesnoth development, ie. What a week comes a new version.

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Aleksei | 23.02.15 pm28 13:12

The version on the website is much newer! This download is very outdated!


Wargame Project Wargame Project Wargame Project Wargame Project

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