Save your life! Running around everywhere hungry zombies who are craving human flesh! Do not give them any opportunity to expand their range of undead and become one of them. Stand them in the way and clean that garbage from the face of the earth forever. Select the correct strategy and place your units on suitable positions.

If we have waited for meeting face to face with zombies, we are at fault. Zombie Defence is very hilarious strategy, where finally we apply our innate ability to distribute forces evenly. First we don't abound in a large number of defenders, but with every battle won, our power increases.

First, we must deploy units in order to destroy as many undead as possible. If we succeed, we get a little money, that we may turn into more effective weapons.

Enemies are still growing and we are always inventing new and new tactics to be rid of them gracefully.

At the right side of the battlefield can see a perfect picture of the state of our health, account size and number of remaining battles.

Do not despair at the first failure. From time to time it happens, that a few zombies slip trough. If this incident does not repeat too much, you just do not have to worry about a lost battle.

The Zombie Defense offers a great tactic of war, large quantities of arms and also an attractive melody that quickly draws us into action.

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