IQ Pokyd

IQ Pokyd

You have nobody to talk with? Nobody in ICQ or any chat? The problem can be solved the presented program named IQ Pokyd - application simulating intelligent conversation with PC.
IQ Pokyd is next step after DOS program Pokdy that existed some years ago in MS DOS. But it has been made once again and this time it works a bit different. Behind both programs are people from Kyblsoft and they have created another interesting games, for example Bantumi or DOS Formula or Breakout remake. The work IQ Pokyd finished in the year 2005 and that is pity. But this version is very interesting too. After launching it the program creates 17 MB dictionary and gives you a few info questions and set up your and its gender, names, characters and mood and many other things. And then you can start chatting. The conversation is not really intelligent but sometimes you will be surprised by a funny reaction. So try it, download it, play it.

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IQ Pokyd IQ Pokyd

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