Ballistic started its journey as browser-based, action MMO but the times change and the game moved to Facebook. What are the impressions from this wild action fun where you control various characters?
It’s not bad at all even with some bumpy beginning. You get only one free playable character into your hands, the rest must be unlocked at first. The equipment is basic but all the maps are available and the action begins almost immediately. That’s the main plus of this game, almost nonstop shooting but with some strategy and tactics as well.

The dominant motivation is unlocking and putting hands hot the various classes, each has his own role, weapons, stats and mainly skills which when used well can do miracles and game changing moments. Let’s speak few examples for themselves. Vanguard (the only free guy) can regenerate health, keep more grenades or collect ammunition from dead enemies. Shadow is master of spring and invisibility turning him into a great assassin or there is Tank, hard to be stopped guy with huge health pool. The skills points needed to unlock the various skills are great motivation and make the game very addictive. If you play according the rules.

The problem in Ballistic is price for new characters and weapons. They are reachable but you have to play sever days to be able to unlock some new guy and weeks for a better weapon. It you belong among the players who don’t mind then it’s ok but I asked myself “where the hell is my shotgun” many times. On the other hand, when you finally buy something new and special, you feel great and what’s nice is the fact that some of buyable weapons are even better than the premium pieces which can be bought only for real money. The P2W system isn’t so harsh here and even with premium account the battles are decided by skills.

Number of maps isn’t big but the amount is perfect. Some are bigger, some smaller and each can be played with any mode. You may find classic death match fun, domination, king of the hill and more. Big plus goes for the graphics, I haven’t played so fine and polished looking game yet on Facebook. The weapon sounds or special place on the maps are nice surprise as well. So why the game doesn’t get 90% and more? I have to lower the number because for a growing problem – hackers. Sometimes they appear and completely break the game and experience form it. According the responses of the players this happens more and more, it’s not a good sign.

How to end this? I fully enjoyed Ballistic and for some perfect rating the game must push the prices down and kick cheating players.

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Ballistic Ballistic Ballistic Ballistic Ballistic Ballistic Ballistic

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