Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom

Superb action game, which will not leave you a second to wander. You will crave what is behind next corner and how many more foes to kill to get you to safety. Main hero is a simple boy, who has a secret. He can transform into ethereal being.
You got three lives divided into health, which last longer, however it is not never-ending. Stay in motion, jump over obstacles and keep going, because you never know where a killer-bot is lurking.
Killer-bots are equipped with two kinds of energy beam. Red, or Green. Green does not hurt a boy form and red does not hurt phantom form. And vice-versa. You can change forms with G key.
If bots assault, it is important to move. They have heavy weapons, however they move slowly. Use this as advantage and maneuver to your enemy to kick it from air, or punch it.
There is usually a boss at end of level, or bonus mayhem. Technically game is well crafted and will catch you attention from first moment.

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Danny Phantom Danny Phantom Danny Phantom Danny Phantom Danny Phantom

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