Fruit Ninja Frenzy

Fruit Ninja Frenzy

One great game from Facebook has its own variation in Facebook version and it’s still the great fun. Cut and slash bunch of fruit and your friends in score. So there is only one question – how much fruit can be cut in one minute? Play right now!
So much fruit and so short time. You have only 60 seconds to slash and cut the flying apples, strawberries, melons, peaches and other kinds of fruit using only your mouse. You will wave with the cursor everywhere, you won’t have anything to do because the time and theme. To get more point you will enjoy combos and bonuses.

The bonuses are in flying bananas. Some slow down the time (the fruit movement), another gives you nice number of pineapples or you get twice the number of points. Unpleasant things are represented by bombs that steal some of the points and dismiss some bonus. After every round, you collect the points and juice. The juice can be used for buying next bonuses.

The most shopping is through the micro transactions, but it doesn’t matter. The game contains many achievements and getting them means getting stars. This functions as really great motivation factor and everyone can get to some special blade for cutting. No energy or number of tries limitation, so cut an play. Quick and rapid abreaction game.

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Fruit Ninja Frenzy Fruit Ninja Frenzy Fruit Ninja Frenzy Fruit Ninja Frenzy Fruit Ninja Frenzy Fruit Ninja Frenzy

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