Heroes of the Pantheon

Heroes of the Pantheon

How it is possible that the ancient gods often needs help from us mortals? Well, what can we do, take a weapon and run to help them.
We don’t get too many action hack and slash games for Facebook so I really welcome the fresh content of Heroes of Pantheon. Just go kick some butts of several enemies, find nice and shiny items, help gods and create or craft many weapons and armors. But there is a big decision to be made.
Choose from two characters. The first is centurion mostly used for close ranged combat and tanky gameplay. Then you may try assassin girl who can show some spells as well. It’s a bit strange combination but both characters have completely different skills and equipment, the decisions who you will play for is definite.

The story and action itself is slightly linear. You walk round maps (more parts can be unlocked through friends, unpleasant part), search for some items you need, and destroy enemies. The foes are mostly boars, demons and bosses but some moments are very special because you have to solve different situations and fights. The control is simple and easy to understand and handle. The arrow keys are for movement, you need only one action button, one special button for using potions and that’s all. To use spells and special moves you have to have enough energy which is slowly filled over time. It can be replenish using special potions or, again, asking friends. This part destroys the fluent feeling of the gameplay but I have experienced worse things in other games.

Heroes of the Pantheon offers you simple crafting systém. When you reach certain level you can create new weapon, helmet or armor if you wish. Everything cost some material that can be found after dead enemies but don’t hope for many pieces gained. You have choice, repeat several maps or pay real money. Later, you have no chance without better equipment and using Excalibur.

Some missions are very special, the difficulty isn’t too high, but the change is very refreshing. When getting bored running round the maps the players can try joining powers in one room when guarding a statue. The monsters spawn and come in waves and the only goal is reaching some nice points. The animation of the game, plus the graphics, is today’s average, maybe better than that in some moments but don’t pray for some AAA grpahics.

If we count everything together we will get that Heroes of the Panteon is a good game. Thanks the momentum and low number of similar games it excels but when bigger competition arises the game may have problems, especially in the limited crafting. Good fun for some hours.

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