Omega Turret Defense

Omega Turret Defense

Those of you, fans of gritty defense games, step forward and wield your keyboard, for this game is the right one for you. Believe me, when I say there are absent magicians, even magic towers to defend the castle, but what you find is cruel war, which offers whistling bullets and plane's bombing runs across battlefield.
At first it is advisable to mark, that this game isn't suitable for children at all. Even besides cartoon graphics, it depicts intense violence, there is a lot of blood and moreover it inspires cruelty against innocent people. On the other hand it offers thrilling game-play, since your enemy possesses infinite number of soldiers, who are sent in wave against wave towards your stronghold.
At beginning the soldiers are just regular privates wielding just a common rifle, but later appear soldiers equipped with bazooka and even armors, which transport the squad right to your gates. Your task is to defend the stronghold at all costs, thus watch out for incoming enemy. You aren't invincible and when enemy forces close in, you loose health very quickly.
Apart from common machine-gun, you may choose other weapons, just pick your favorite at each level. Every one offers different traits. More, if you make enough money, you can use special forces like bombing-runs and/or chemical attacks. however, just once each level. Dead soldiers leave bloody corpses across battlefield.
The game boasts quality sound, graphics wise it is a bit less satisfying, mainly when dead corpses pile up. it always seems like giant green bloody soup doted with black bomb craters.

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Omega Turret Defense Omega Turret Defense Omega Turret Defense Omega Turret Defense

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