Zombie Lane

Zombie Lane

Living in a neighborhood of zombies is not pleasant. The entire day wandering aimlessly around and destroy the fence of your house. So take into hand shovel or, better still, a gun and explain to them your view of neighborly relations ... this time you try to live normally among the zombies.
This game has quite humorous context. You have your house, a girlfriend, a garden and a dog. Idyll has one hitch - the constant crowds of undead behind your doorway, or fence.

At the beginning of the game you create your character. Not many options available, so it will not be much before disposing of your first zombie using spade.. In fact, I started doing it automatically, without me any task given.. It's kind of a natural reflex. But when you look at the left side of the screen, you can see the actual mission, you can perform. Their content is often made out of that disposal of brain suckers,, but also cleaning the area, home improvements at a particular level, or help neighbors. Various matters require one thing - energy. That is a few and adds at a speed five minutes / each. With the procedure at a higher level, the total number raises by one and fully complements.

Within the missions you perform, unfolds a story taking place when you're trying to get into safety your pet (not a dog but a wife) and dog (really a dog).

An integral part of games on Facebook is becoming farming and naturally is here too.. Land is large and before filling it with decorative objects, leave a few places for the flower beds. In addition to serving more experience and money from them also have a meal - in the form of chicken legs - for which you can then buy an energy package in an emergency.

Money place not only in aesthetic appearance of yourself and your home, but also into cartridges. Some zombies are weak bunnies, but others are already harder and it involves necesity to use more powerful weapons.

A nice option is to combine things into new weapons. Many of them drop a set item to the collection, which can then be exchanged for some money or experience, or used to create ultimate weapon. You see yourself as the game will gradually teach everything.

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Zombie Lane Zombie Lane Zombie Lane Zombie Lane Zombie Lane

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