Dentyne Ice & Fire

Dentyne Ice & Fire

Experience a real race adrenaline. Do not stop at nothing and beat all the obstacles which stand in your way. Never mind the angry dogs, shopping carts or stacked boxes. We run because of your beloved, and that's something. Your lady is a bit difficult and is eagerly looking at target stopwatch in hand. Provided you don't reach the right time, you won't earn sweet kisses from her at all.
Rely on your natural agility and take on the insidious dangers that have the task of slowing you down. If you prove yourself in the first run on time, also get progressively more difficult acts, where only proves your ability to react quickly.

You may choose from two options, the first of which is relatively easy, but do not get as much experience here. On the other hand, continues until all the levels without too much difficulty.

The second option includes the entire race, one where you have to run to demonstrate your skill and is quite challenging.

During the adrenaline race, you can collect the red stars. Thanks to them, also come in quite enough points. But it's nothing against the reward that comes with fast running out to the finish.

Invite your friends, you can share with more experience and get more evaluation than as a lone rider. If, however, has no peers do not, just look around the whole wide world and seek partners directly between them.

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Dentyne Ice & Fire Dentyne Ice & Fire Dentyne Ice & Fire

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