Funny Bug War

Funny Bug War

From this pun will enjoy especially the younger players as there are no beetles portrayed as monsters, which eat the main characters, but as cute animals, who among themselves play. Please help the main character to withstand severe tests.
It is a pity that I can not identify what type of bug exactly is the main hero. It is a purple little creature, whose task is to destroy all enemies who have hurt him and try to force him from his home. Whether they are anywhere, he is still in danger, and so is forced to fight for his life.

The enemies are of different nature. This may be a variety of beetles, a ladybug, as well as other insects, and finally birds. You ask how it could threaten? At the playing surface the main character is always placed at the bottom, and enemies fly over it. And while hovering, sometimes after the baby bug throw any object. Birds are particularly inventive, as it throws its eggs.

You'll move with the arrows, means you must shoot down all enemies along the way. This is done in mice. Left button. Do not stay in one place too long. Sometimes you will be regaled by enemy fire, literally. Best strategy seems to wipe out one side, and I resorted to it if the other party will raise the heaviest fire. Attention! Many enemies will not collapse after the first intervention. Birds typically fly away, but there arrive instead the others, etc.

A freak offers a very nice graphics that will delight children especially. However, it may seem a bit stereotypical, it is because of not any plot or a higher target. It is simply a relax, you can pass the time pleasantly.

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Funny Bug War Funny Bug War Funny Bug War

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