Gold Miner World

Gold Miner World

In this game you can give vent to your greed and seize bag of gold, which is never enough. In principle, Gold Miner classic, but in the spirit of the Face-book brings many new improvements and aspects.
The title states clearly that (over time) you will visit around the world. In the meantime you have to rely on the initial states of the USA. In each location there are several other areas and again in this area are several levels that you gradually play, and not once. A little awkwardly described structure, but in practice, you will see that it is easy.

Thus, prepare your first hunt for gold. You control a wheelchair, in which sits a miner with gold fever diagnosis. The trolley has a hook that you need at the right time to launch and hit with it the biggest heap of gold. Once the boulder is in miner's hand, the process is repeated. Criteria is to fill the golden line with certain number of points and probably I do not have to say that the bigger the lump, the more quickly dismisses the primary task.

Your carat hunting is time limited within one minute and at the playing surface is far from hosting just gold nuggets. Easy to hit other objects, which will stun you for a few seconds and do not add any points.

After each round, after winning experience, you can purchase. The money for all sorts of cool things you get by selling what you have just caught - especially for gold. In the shop, you get only essential minimum, with what you should be able to conquer difficult levels - dynamite to break barriers, stronger rope for pulling heavy objects, some of those proprieties to control pests, increase your strength and speed, and many more. It will require a certain amount of strategy to combine shopping with the terms of current level.

Gold is not only a source of money. You get gold bricks for this to purchase additional equipment, which is a prerequisite to unlock new areas on the map. Another condition may be sufficient numbers of chalices from the previous locations, the specific information the game submits, when you move to a specific country / territory on the map.

The community aspect is due to the fact that for the gold bars you can ask your friends, or send some of those gifts.

Plus of it all is the absence of any energy needed to perform tasks, so you can play over and over again, pulling the gold again and again without any internal restrictions from the game. Excellent.

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Gold Miner World Gold Miner World Gold Miner World Gold Miner World Gold Miner World

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