Gugu the Party Crasher

Gugu the Party Crasher

Do you like big birthday cakes? Gugu the martian has the same feeling. It is so strong, he has nickname the party crusher? Why? Read on.
Frosmo collection is the mark of quality. The game is very simple to control. Your avatar Gugu is in his flying saucer.On a game-plan are placed birthday cakes. You must collect them before time limit. Usually 3 minutes. Push left mouse button and sail towards the cakes. Beware a water with alligators. Sometimes you find a portal to ease your way. Just touch it to get instantly further.
what is a drawback, that the game is divided into levels and after each you need to relaunch game. It is in essence a preparation for multi-player.

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Gugu the Party Crasher Gugu the Party Crasher Gugu the Party Crasher

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