Love Me Love Me Not

Love Me Love Me Not

He loves me, loves me not? So with this question, wondering, our princess, who eagerly awaits her prince. Could you help her to solve this dilemma in simple terms? Do you hit wherever you think? And can you even hit in motion, when everything is spinning?
Princess is really being resourceful, so she on her giant daisy, which is to decide the thorny issue, bought a small cannon. Daisy is right imbanking large balls of different colors. And your job is all of these flower balls off. Shoot at the largest possible groups to be unraveled. Remember that they are always needed at least two, in which to peg. Otherwise, the balls won't fall.

Time limit is really annoying thing, that you can be sure. Especially when you start to have fun. Watch carefully for the right of the screen. Here will be ruthlessly countdown seconds. After the end, the game is over and you can start again. But on the other hand, it must be said that the levels are rarely repeated. Mostly you'll be surprised with a slightly different arrangement, which you will surely appreciate.

Moreover, it is equipped with nice graphics plus listening to the music. It is important, that the music, of course, can switch any time off. Freak you prepared very tasteful and unobtrusive controls, which is located on the right side of the screen. At the left part you will see, how many points you have already managed to record and what ball comes to guns in the next turn.

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Love Me Love Me Not Love Me Love Me Not Love Me Love Me Not

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