Pirates Ahoy

Pirates Ahoy

Find a map, dig whole island and take treasure to luxury home port. Upgrade ship and back to high seas, where it comes again. This is Pirates Ahoy. Interested? Come in.
Cruise a sea in little ship and search for treasures. Gather experience from battles with octopus and duck. If you find a map, then discover island and if you are lucky, you find treasure. You can find a food, money and gems too.
Home port can be also upgraded. Buy realty and decorations. Upgrade your ship.
Seems nice, however it is not so simple. Everything has a price and sometimes you have to just wait. You can replenish some energy with food, or bother your friends to send you some.
I am afraid, that this game gets repetitive after time. Until then happy pirating.

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Pirates Ahoy Pirates Ahoy Pirates Ahoy Pirates Ahoy Pirates Ahoy

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