The Rats Online

The Rats Online

Who has more cheese in his lair, you or your neighbours? Create your own group of thief rats and have fun when stealing cheese from other players.
The Rats Online is in its basics very simple game. The main goal is to steal from other players as much chees as possible. Then you use it to feed your rats or to poison the rats in other lairs. For every successful raid you get points and expand your rat colony.

When you appear in the lair of your friends or other players you just choose a piece of cheese with the probability or chance of stealing it. You can poison the guards as well and if you are successful you get their souls. When you have enough spirits you get a new rat. After trying or using all rats in your raiding group you get the taken cheese and points.

The rats can be upgraded and increase their level or combine them into more stronger and powerful guys. This idea is really good and cool but could be more sophisticated or more difficult. The game is for children mainly or casual players. After playing it for several days you may feel some stereotype.

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The Rats Online The Rats Online The Rats Online The Rats Online The Rats Online The Rats Online

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