Jungle Solitaire

Jungle Solitaire

Who does not know the friends from the movie Madagascar? They are sweet, cute and entertaining, thus with them play a simple card game Solitaire. It is suitable for both small and large players. Show how you can combine and compose, while try to beat the computer. You succeed?
Before you start playing, select your image, which will be marked on back of the cards. The offer is broad, and you can choose your favorite hero. Then the game begins, so to speak live. Who doesn't know how to play solitaire, let him read the following lines where things become clear.

Solitaire is not difficult to understand, this is a card game for a single player whose goal is to assemble all the cards to the targeted groups. Namely by hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades are ranked from ace to king. It will be at the top of the screen where you see four first blank. The first card that I can place is ace, then number two, etc.

The playing surface has cards in several rows. Try to sort in descending order, ie from King to Ace. But it needs to be here varied. Red cards, black, or vice versa. Here the kind doesn't matter. If you do not already have what you assign to what, please contact card from the pile located in the upper left corner. Maybe it helps you. Because the cards are appearing on triads, the situation is much more difficult, since many of the cards just do not get.

Certainly there is a need to pick up a graphics that will entertain a wide range of players. And if you want, you can play simple, but cheerful music. This design will have fun in all directions, so don't be angry, if you don't win many times. The game, it is difficult to bring to an end.

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Jungle Solitaire Jungle Solitaire Jungle Solitaire

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