If you like cards, yet it does not necessarily be play or gamble with counterpart, then try this treatment of solitaire. Pun is fully functional and comes toward the user in many ways. And who does not know this pun, let's try and learn it soon.
It's perhaps the simplest card game there is. Make do perfectly yourself, rather, more players do not play it. Therefore rest yourselves to your notebook and pass the boredom. Before you cards are distributed in several rows. With that last card is turned face always to you.

Your task is to assemble the cards into four groups according to type. That means from ace to king, spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. But even this has its own unique composition rules. If you see an ace, put them into the black area in the upper right corner. It can then be stacked two, three, but only the same kind.

And what if you can not continue to stack up? Then it is possible to pass down, but again under different rules. Thus, the playing surface can consist of the sequences such that alternating black and red, but unlike the upper right corner, there composing descending. And no matter whether they go after each cross and heart or spades and diamonds. Groups can be moved under the rules at each other. If you would like instead black spot, which is vacant, it is necessary to always begin with the king. For example, a straight downward sequence from ten cannot place here anyway.

The game should be criticized for rather boring graphics, although it is functionally very well done and offers a certain charm. The sound is also not possible to speak of, so it was necessary to give it a lower rating, even if entertained by the classic game of solitaire. After all, the graphics and sound is an important component of the application.

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Solitaire Solitaire Solitaire

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