Solitaire Castle

Solitaire Castle

Help this small ghost to finding the way out of the castle. How? You have to move and combine cards in the style of a good Solitaire.
This is really a great game for all the cards lovers. Prepare for a lot of levels where you have to think and concentrate.
The game is based on the principle of classic Solitaire, so in every level you get a table with spread cards and some deck. The goal of the levels is to put away all the cards from the game area. You have to take them away in the order but it doesn’t matter if you go up or down in the numbers, the only rule is that they have to follow the last number. That’s the main fun and entertainment. You have to think what order is preferable and what number and cards you have now.
As you progress the game you will unlock new power ups which can be then bought for the in-game money. After or at the end of every world you will face a boss. The game turns into a time limit mode and you have to put the cards away before the growing columns gets to you. Every mistake and lost concentration may lead to repeating the level. The number of games is limited by lives but they refill over time. To get them faster you can watch commercial or ask your friend.s
Solitaire Castle is generally great game in its area. You can even compete with your friends in the score department.

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Solitaire Castle Solitaire Castle Solitaire Castle Solitaire Castle

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