Solitaire in Wonderland

Solitaire in Wonderland

Start exploring a world behind a mirror in this cool looking card game. Put cards so they disappear and you clean the game area.
Wonderland is world of life and Solitaire. With many great levels you have always one goal – get away all the cards. The rules are simple and very similar to the classic, you can put away a card according one choses but it must be on point higher or lower. This means that you need to use your brain to think and plan which cards are better to use, not all of them are seen and shown. If you cannot choose any, then it’s time to take a card from your deck. When you have no more cards the game is over and you lose a life.

The rewards for combos and good moves are bonuses and game coins which can be used to obtain some boosts into the next round. As you progress the difficulty increases and you have to face some obstacles as well. Some cards may be locked and you need to find a key at first.

Good idea is to get as many points and start possible to be able to continue your journey in Wonderland and to more level. It’s a really nice Solitaire fun.

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Solitaire in Wonderland Solitaire in Wonderland Solitaire in Wonderland Solitaire in Wonderland Solitaire in Wonderland

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