Extremely simple card game that thanks to its reality keeps you entertained. Try predict opponents and especially luck that probably will accompany you throughout the game. On the table are the cards, which you need to get rid of. You can do it first. Give it to the opponents and do not let them rest!
On the playing surface you will see a deck of cards, where one of them is turned to face you, you see the first figure, but mainly the color. In particular, it does matter. It is much easier to hit the color, than a certain number on it, you will see in a moment.

Carry on an imaginary table, or whether in the hand you have four color cards. Green, blue, yellow and red. Who is lucky to have all four together, you can congratulate ourselves. Wait for your opponents move and when your turn try to get rid of some of them. Exactly as per rules. If the buyer is blue, throw a blue card if the green green, etc.

In addition to numbers, then you see the special cards, which themselves above may have composed of the color wheel, or arrows, mark halved circle. In all cases, it gives you every sort of advantage. If you have a wheel composed of colors, then you can choose which color will now be thrown away. Then you can change the color with which you are playing. Arrows show the direction in which the game progresses. If you want to play in reverse, use the arrow keys. The last allows you to disable an opponent in one round, which plays immediately after you.

He/she wins, who does not have a single card left. Opponents you have mostly only three, but it's enough to make you smashed. Enjoy all the bonuses that you came into the hands and do not be afraid to take risks. Enjoyment of the game will be even greater.

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