Family Feud

Family Feud

The name of today's game the Family Feud won't probably say much about anything to you. Get ready, the competition of teams of five against five is just beginning.
Only your person represents the family team for now. You may also invite your friends at Facebook to play the game.

The principle of this game is exactly identical to that, which you may know from the TV. Several game rounds lie before you. In each a certain number of people ask the same question and you must guess the answers. Try to guess the so-called top answer, because the more points you earn, the better.

You can make mistake for three times, before the round ends. Likewise, the end of the level occurs, when you reveal all the answers at the table. Beware of the time limit, which is only twenty seconds.

Opponent is a kind of fictional computer, that always gets an average score, and you must defeat it in order to get into the Grand Final. There your friends get into the game. Simply post your request on your wall, a friend clicks and you answer different questions within the time limit. Can you conquer the score needed to get the main prize? I only got into this stage, because I helped one friend. Winning is not easy and sometimes you tear your hair that you couldn't guess the correct answer. It is true that the game is sometimes tolerant for answers, that you wrote into the frame, again contrary sometimes recognizes absolute crap (I wrote the word food and the correct answer was a car). Sometimes it wants the exact wording and it doesn't count to reply just cheese.
A certain problem may be the language knowledge. But if you're a fan of this genre of games and you boast rich vocabulary, definitely try this. Every twelve hours you get a chance to play new episode. Also you can buy it, but personally I do not consider it necessary.

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Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud

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