Farm Up Social

Farm Up Social

Farming and agriculture work are still in the game work very popular. But can something still be original and entertaining? Farm Up Social tries that.
As every happy pair you got the chance to help on one farm which is completely ruined. You don’t have too much money and only few fields to grow things are available. There your journey to become a big agricultural name begins.

Farm Up Social is working with many activities you can perform on your farm. Tasks, which are given, act as the tutorial and help if you get lost or you cannot decide what to do next. Prepare for planting and growing various pants which cost something but if you look after them they give you more the enough back. Sometimes, it’s good to grow quickly growing vegetable but in some moments it’s better to grow a fruit tree giving its gold for several days. Then you unlock hens and stock who need your care as well and even need some of the grown crops. What they produce can be later turned into more goods for profit. It’s just the right farm to be on.

Then there are mining moments when you need stone and wood to expand and rebuild. In that part you mostly have more than one family member because not everyone can do all the tasks. It’s really nice seeing how the pale grows and changes but it may take more than weeks or even months. That’s the problem.

Farm Up Social is a long run game, and I mean really long run. The growing time isn’t a big issue but the energy, oh the energy. I give you an example – each plant, bush or tree need a point of energy to be planted, then you need to get water, then you must water the planet and the last point goes to gathering it. The energy limit is around 20 points (it increases with your level though) so you don’t need to be genius how long it takes to grow enough things. Then there are the things as stock, mining and cleaning things around. This turns the game into a lot of waiting.

And that’s only sad because other things work well. The game has amazing graphics and audio and even the social part works. Sending and receiving needed items and resources is just amazing and helps a lot. Therefore I don’t get it why the authors have decided for the huge energy limits.

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Farm Up Social Farm Up Social Farm Up Social Farm Up Social Farm Up Social

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