Hidden Express

Hidden Express

Let’s play with trains… but wait, these are no normal trains. Once in time we just need to give you some Hidden Object game where you have to find various items and get to the train.
It may sound strange but this is the main content for Hidden Express. You travel from level to level on a nice map and unlock more. To move further you just need to do only one thing. On various places and in different rooms that looks like a home of a college student, you must find certain items. From animals, over food to various tools with a very special list in your hands. The list is made of a train and carriages with written words on them. The goal is finding them and moving up to the train with the last one. Clear? Easy? No at all. The beginning is easy with one train = one word but as you get deeper into the game one carriage can have two or even three words. Collecting points then turns into hard job.

When you don’t know and cannot find anything more you can use few bonuses. They may give a hint or show where some thing is, you can slow down the train or stop it totally stop it for seconds. These bonuses are very useful and you are probably asking “how much for them”? I have a bad news, they are only for the real money. Even one game costs one health and the stock of them is pretty low.

That two things are probably the biggest negative part of the game, let’s have a look to the positive ones. Visuals are absolutely gorgeous almost realistic, even I was sometimes thinking if I’m looking at a made picture or real photography. The next good thing is fine gameplay in popular style. Hidden Express is going slowly but if you don’t mind paid bonuses you will enjoy it and have fun. The authors are creating more maps and even bonus maps for special events.

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Hidden Express Hidden Express Hidden Express Hidden Express

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