Music Challenge

Music Challenge

Do you think that you are able to recognize a particular song after few tones? Then, as if this game was created for you. Your music overview, you can test both on ourselves and friends in the competition. Who ultimately will be better and get more points? You or any of your friends?
Various musical genres will rotate as the conveyor belt and you need to quickly and correctly identify the title or artist.

There's no lengthy explanations or learning. I'll be going to matter. Jukebox will play a song and your task is to identify the songs correctly. Although at the beginning there are six options, over time the bad ones disappear and in the last seconds you must decide between just two options. This happens of course only if you do not know the song played. And many times it happens too, because music is wide and it is not possible for a song is always known (at least in my case).

For correct name earn points and correct answers on the account. Three perfect knowledge mean comes a bonus round in which everything mixes and you recognize the artist on the contrary, the song played. Yet another advantage is that hat trick. In addition to the bonus round you will get more bonus seconds to the main time limit, after which the game counts your score.

There's no point to take unnecessary risks when you have no idea what it is, because the wrong answer, with any number of green lamps indicate correctly identified tracks, means to start again from start.

To some extent the original pun. This is again something different than anything ever construction, harvesting and building, as is common in many other games on Facebook. Music Challenge you can play easily at any time.

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Music Challenge Music Challenge Music Challenge Music Challenge Music Challenge

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