Action Sudoku

Action Sudoku

Sudoku is plaything that conquered the hearts of many, because of its simplicity appears in many computer puns. This time, you can play even on Facebook, resulting in certain advantages. Share with friends as you can quickly solve Sudoku puzzles.
Certainly there are many who say they heard this phrase, but do not know of what they imagine it. Thus, Sudoku is a pun with the numbers, although many authors have experimented with images, signs and letters, but in principle it is only numbers. The playing surface consists of nine by nine squares. Each contains a single digit. In addition, you will certainly notice that the area can be divided into three squares with the three dimensions of three boxes, then the rows and columns.

Your task is to fill in the numbers from one to nine in all fields of square so that in any square three times three, row or column, you don't have two identical digits. Once we decide to put in the field number, click it. Trifle offers tab from which you can choose.

If you make a mistake and put the number against the rules, the game will immediately notify both the sound signal, then the number turns red. Otherwise, it turns gray. The game is divided into the Edo levels, starting from the simplest, where nearly all the numbers are in place, and then continue. Attention! On completing the game you have limited time limit within which you must enter. If you fail, nothing happens, play the level again.

Surely it should be noted that the game is graphically very well treated. It does not make the player fill in the fields using the keyboard, but as we already wrote displays your palette, so to select just a mere click. Can only recommend to Sudoku fans and those who want a break from reality and for a while with relax on something.

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Action Sudoku Action Sudoku Action Sudoku

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