Aqua Twist

Aqua Twist

Nothing can chear me up more than funny monsters from some kind of world. This time it is water world and you are goint to meet sea stars, fish and octopuses. Play with them and collect as many points as possible using your smart and combination skills.

You know anagrams but here it is not the absolut same thing. Normaly we use two neigbour pictures but this time we go through much more.

The principle is the same but what you need is to get three of the same. Trhee octopuses, fish or stars. So when you click on some place you will see a square and if continue in clicking the pictures in the square starts spinning. After you complete groups they disappear and you can find other.

The score is counted from the speed and from the points. You have certain time limit. Sometimes you are able to meak a chain reaction and sometimes you are only able to find one triple.

But of course you can compare you result with other people or friends form Facebook or you can make direct fight with some of your friends.

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Aqua Twist Aqua Twist Aqua Twist

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