Bubble Bee Bear

Bubble Bee Bear

One well-made bubble shooter is here but this time you control a bear. Destroy all the different bubbles and progress into the next level. Each new world offers something new.
Bubbles shooter variations are everywhere but this one is with a bear. The principles and match-3 rules are the same. Your canon is on the bottom of the game area and you shoot differently colored bubbles from it. The task is simple, create groups of the same bubbles, they then disappear and you get points. Goals are getting enough points or getting up to the top of the level. Number of shots is limited so aim well.
New worlds mean new obstacles as stone barriers or special plants which eat the bubbles. To motivate you the authors put power ups into the game which can be unlocked and bought for collected coins. Nothing really new but great for bubbles fans.

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Bubble Bee Bear Bubble Bee Bear Bubble Bee Bear Bubble Bee Bear

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