Bubble Magic 3D

Bubble Magic 3D

Another bubble adventure is here but this time it’s all in 3D. Aim cannon and shoot the bubbly barrier to the end.
Most of the game areas is covered by bubbles in many colors and you have to use your cannon to shoot more bubbles and match colors. When you successfully create a group of same colored bubbles they fall down. Points are yours and you continue in the colorful struggle to your goal. Some obstacles appear as well and you have to get rid of them as well. Few bonuses can be bought for gained money or you can get some for free.
It’s classic match-3 bubble game but it’s turned into nice 3D, generally it looks really nice.
The small number of lives may look really nothing too much but they refill very quickly and you lose life only if you fail. The problematic thing may be keys which are needed for unlocking further levels. As you play, you gain cards which are turned into keys but mostly you won’t have enough and there is big need to replay old levels. You may just pass it buy using special diamonds for real money or ask friends. The opening part can be easily bought already, in the second world, you will face the problem again. It’s a bit pitty because other things are great here.

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Bubble Magic 3D Bubble Magic 3D Bubble Magic 3D Bubble Magic 3D Bubble Magic 3D

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