Bubble Splash

Bubble Splash

Smash all the differently colored bubbles, accomplish quests, gain stars and unlock secrets inside of all the statues. It’s another quick logic Facebook game.
The game area always contains some number of bubbles in variety of colors. Use your mouse to click on the groups of the same kind but be careful, the game is about more than this. Each level has an animal totem. This one decides the color you can click on. The others will splash and you cannot continue playing for a moment. And the right color is good for getting to a special mode. So why do you need to follow the colors, collect points and play as fast as possible? Each try contains 3 missions. Fulfilling them gives you a star and getting enough of them leads to a new totem and bonus things.

The number of plays is limited by lives, they vanquish with every game but the filling rate is great. What I didn’t like too much is the race for the stars, some goals and tasks are at cooldown and you have to wait. It’s a nice thing that you can compete with your friends in the highest score. Overall it’s a good game with a nice motivation system.

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Bubble Splash Bubble Splash Bubble Splash Bubble Splash Bubble Splash

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