Bubble Witch Saga

Bubble Witch Saga

Aiming ad shooting bubbles into same colored flocks is classic. This time, you must have good aiming but you should watch the number of shots gained points and spiders as well.
Generally, this game is all about shooting colored bubbles into groups of the same colored colleagues to make them disappear. That’s how it works but there is some content increasing the difficulty and gameplay. When you hit the first groups of bubbles a spider visits you. Here, I should stop and say there are three witches in the background making potions. With every next hit a new spider arrives. This increase the need of showing some good results and successful bubble launches. The goal is reaching some needed amount of points. With all the spiders it can be achieved better thanks the fact that bubbles can bounce from them.

Let’s say all is about the spiders. The game makes you aim but think as well. When you fail and a bubble is put on wrong place two spiders say goodbye. There is no energy, but lives which are used to play the levels. It’s very sympathetic when you win a level that you can keep the life making possible to beat several levels in row. The lives meter takes some time to refill but any friend can give you one life as a gift. The FB friends are important in unlocking some levels which are otherwise available only after paying FB Credits. The same thing can be said about spells, which were useless for me.

Stars are given for every round you pass and after gaining certain number of them you unlock potions. If you don’t want to pay anything you will stay only with bonus spiders for long time.

Everyone who likes or loves this “bubble principle” should try this game. I appreciate more than simple shooting bubbles in match-3-style content. It may make the game difficult in the late part but makes it more filled with things. The minus is given for need of friends, without them or money you get stuck in the 25th level.

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Bubble Witch Saga Bubble Witch Saga Bubble Witch Saga Bubble Witch Saga

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