Bubles and seven Dwarfs

Bubles and seven Dwarfs

Hey the dwarves are coming and are going to destroy bubbles of various colors. Aim well and rescue a beautiful girl from an evil wizard.
Lead your team of brave dwarves and fight your way through barriers of bubbles. The principle here is classic Bubble Shooter. This means that you shoot more bubbles from the cannons and you try to match the same colors. And as you progress through the level you have to shoot down certain number of top bubbles. Score and points are important as well and with these things the dwarves can help. As you get into higher level you will unlock new dwarves and they have some sweet bonuses. Some of them even refill coins for combos so it’s not only about good aiming but hitting the right places in the row. Special stones are reward for your progress and they are used to restoration of the dwarves or buying some special bubbles. You should never underestimate obstacles blocking easy hits so bouncing makes the trick.

It’s just good old Bubble Shooter game with dwarves theme and it’s still fun.

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Bubles and seven Dwarfs Bubles and seven Dwarfs Bubles and seven Dwarfs Bubles and seven Dwarfs

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