If you like to look for and find, then try this lovely plaything, full of color and especially full of objects. Do you have a good perception? And see all the things that the game will require of you? Entertain you very nice graphics and sound. Suitable for small, also large.
At the bottom of the screen you will find windows where each window contains an object which is located somewhere in the room. They are everywhere, whether as an official decoration or hidden somewhere in the shadows thing, which is part of a larger whole.

To find all the things you have limited time limit, and thus need to be fast. A freak is relatively difficult, both on on attention, but mostly on the eyes, which must indefinitely roam around the screen and focus. When you are successful and find, the object disappears from the bottom of the screen and the imaginary band is one item shorter.

Usually no problem finding all the things within the time limit. But often, the game resorts to teasers as positioning the forks and spoons at the ceiling, where you definitely not expect it, etc. If you make a mistake and mark a bad thing, the time limit is considerably reduced, which may often make your situation badly complicated.

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